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- Please choose a season ticket (by marking it You can see the descriptions). As You register you can buy one season ticket (and one child season ticket, you can see details at desriptions of season tickets).
- Please fill the personal data wich we keep safely- we need you to accept the disclaimer.
- After registration You can pay and receive your season ticket at Napfényfürdő Aquapolis.

Thank You for your trustworthiness, we hope so that You are going to like our season tickets!

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I declare that I have learned and accepted the terms and conditions of the … pass system of Ligetfürdő Kft. (Napfényfürdő Aquapolis Szeged).

I expressly authorize Ligetfürdő Kft. to manage the personal data submitted by me in relation to my participation in the ... pass system upon registration or at any time during my participation in the ... pass system, for the purposes of operating the … pass system of Ligetfürdő Kft.

I also expressly authorize Ligetfürdő Kft. to use my personal data disclosed to it for the marketing activities of Ligetfürdő Kft. as long as Ligetfürdő Kft. is entitled to manage those data. I declare that, based on this authorization, Ligetfürdő Kft. shall be entitled, in particular but without limitation, to send me its offers and other information in the form of mail or other messages.

I acknowledge that Ligetfürdő Kft. shall not disclose my personal data to any third party, however, it does not mean that Ligetfürdő Kft. may not engage a third-party data processor.

By signing this document, I give my consent for the management of my personal data on the terms and conditions described above.

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